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Friday, September 28, 2007

Why is it so hard?

If you can understand why it is hard for people to stop smoking it may be easier to actually quit. Many people believe they do not have the will power to stop but chances are that is really not the problem. For one Nicotine in the cigarette is a drug that is found naturally in tobacco. It is a very addictive drug and it has been said that it is as addictive as either cocaine or heroine and just as hard to quit.

When you decide to quit, you will experience Nicotine withdrawals, these symptoms mirror people who go into detox to quit cocaine. You will feel dizzy which only lasts 1 to2 days in the beginning, depression, feelings or frustration or even anger. One common withdrawal symptom is irritability, you may have trouble sleeping or trouble falling asleep, and you may experience trouble concentrating, restlessness, headache, tiredness or increased appetite which is the kicker. When a smoker quits smoking, because they feel so horrible from not smoking they just want to feel better so they start smoking again.

They continue to smoke until they feel like their old self again. That is why6cold turkey sometimes is not a good idea because it is a shock to the body and you feel horrible and some people feel it is not worth feeling lousy just to stop smoking.

There are many reasons to quit; one great reason is for your health and for the health of others. It is estimated that people who smoke will die from smoking related illness. Smoking cause's lung cancer but it can cause lung cancer in people who do not smoke; second hand smoke is just as bad as smoking. Smoking also increases lung problems such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis; non smokers can experience these ailments as well.

For women there are additional health risks especially for women who smoke and take birth control pills, it can cause strokes in women who do both. Low birth weight babies are also good possibilities if you smoke or are around smoke while pregnant. Miscarriages are also a possibility. Is it worth risking the life of your unborn baby just to have a drag of a cigarette?

If you do quit, the first 20 minutes you heart rate will drop and your blood pressure will drop as well, 12 hours after quitting the carbon monoxide level drops back to normal in your blood and 2 to 3 months after you quit, blood circulation increases as does your lung function, is it worth it now?


  • The addictive traits of cigarette smoking, all 6 of them, work together to make it hard to quit.

    The benefits outweigh the hardships though, just as you said. Everyone trying to quit smoking, who really want to quit should stick with it.

    I quit after 47 years and one coma-inducing heart attack. Quitting is worth it.

    Great info on your blog!

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