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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Quit Smoking Advice

If you have finally picked a good time to stop smoking there are good times and bad times to do so. If you are under type of stress then it is not the best time to quit. People who smoke tend to smoke more when they are under pressure from work or a family crisis. Stress and smoking go hand in hand and when you decide to stop smoking while there is work stress or home stress, you may end up smoking more than you did before.

Chose the method of smoking wisely. If you decide to go cold turkey you may find it difficult, so don’t quit all at once, try to wean your way off, if you smoke 12 cigarettes a day then next day smoke one less, each day smoke one less and before you know it you will have stopped smoking. When you just stop, some people gain weight so by cutting down by one a day you won’t feel the need to over eat because you are still smoking just not as often.

If you decide to get the patch, consult your doctor before undertaking, the patch or the gum or any stop smoking pills. There is nicotine in these patches and pills and they may not be for you. Always consult your doctor before doing anything radical like quit smoking, just get a clean bill of health before you start with patches and pills.

Another great way to stop smoking and it does not require pill, patches or even cold turkey, it is Hypnosis. Find a licensed Hypnotherapist and find out what exactly is entailed with Hypnosis in order to stop smoking. It is a proven method and people liked it because they did not even realize that they had stopped smoking. But only use a licensed Hypnotherapist, you can find them in your Yellow Pages.

Others have tried many, many ways and they have not all worked. You must have the will not to want to smoke, if deep down you don’t want to stop then chances are any method you try won’t work and you may end up smoking more. So unless you are 100 percent committed to quitting don’t attempt it because it won’t work. Until you can wake up in the morning and say this is the day, you just aren’t ready.

Don’t let anyone badger you, you quit when you are ready.


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