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Friday, April 03, 2009

Incompetency of your boss

Thinking of reasons why you're quitting your job, one of them would be incompetent boss. You have lots of ideas and know exactly what to do for the next project. You know how to improve the current work process, and the most efficient way of handling issues that is happening everyday. But there is one stumping stone in front of you. The Boss who is a man of no ability or positive thinking. He or she always demands what has been done in the past, and asks you to follow the same path. Why? Because either one is not wanting to take any risk which might be returned to one's responsibility or he/she just doesn't have ability to handle it.

Innovation comes out of creative minds and work environment. Improvement can be made only one is willing to take the positive attitude and go-forward mind, not just sitting back and watching the same result. From the corporate's viewpoint, this indicates that someone is not doing one's job correctly. Manager or supervisor is the one who needs to have most broad knowledge along with work experience and right mindset in order to lead the team and organization.

If you feel like your innovative ideas or creative improvement suggestion is always rejected, ignored and discouraged by your boss, it might be an amber signal where you would need to consider either deal with the boss, or now it's time to quit it.