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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

What is a good reason to quit a job?

There is a large majority of people who want to quit their jobs for the sake of quitting. But before you quit, you should have a great reason. Here is a list of good reasons and bad reason why you should quit.

The good reasons are:

You found another job. That is a legitimate reason as to why you should quit your job. You should never quit a job without having a back up, unless you are well off and have a bank account that you can rely on when you have no income. Having a job before you quit comes highly recommended.

You want to start your own business. Starting your own business can be stressful but what better way to start your own business is to quit your day job to work on your new business. It can be a fun and exciting time.

A good reason to quit would be because you are not getting the money that you deserve. If you have not received a raise or a bonus and you work your butt off and the recognition is not there then it is time to move on.

Another great reason to quit would be if you are feel that you have given everything that you can. If there is no room for advancement in the company then you may want a find another company who is willing to reward an employee for their hard work.

If you are dreading every morning because you have to go to work and you get physically sick because you are so stressed out. It is time to find a new job. A lot of times, employees get tired and stressed out even at the thought of going to work. Then it is time to find a new job.

The bad reasons:

You should not quit a job without having another to replace it.
You should not quit your job because you want a long vacation.
You should not quit if you don't get a day off that you want
You should not quit just to quit. Younger employees tend to do this. The new hires from college get hired in the summer and because it is also their summer off from college, take a job because they need the money but once the hot days of summer hits and the sun is shining. They would rather go to the beach.

There are some great reasons to quit to a job and so many wrong ones. But if you want to get anywhere in life then you have to be an adult and do the right thing no matter who much you may not want to. Be responsible and you may get rewarded for it. Employees who just quit for the sake of quitting may find it harder and harder to find a job.

100 percent of employers will ask why you left your last job. You could be honest and that may not get you anywhere or you can lie and it still may not get your anyplace. Simply do the right thing.


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