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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hypnosis and Quitting

When all else fails when it comes to quitting smoking, there is one last resort that many smokers turn to. That last resort is Hypnosis. Non-believers laugh when you tell them that you are going to get hypnotized to stop smoking. But research has shown that it is possible. The first step would be to find someone who is qualified. Check out your local yellow pages and see who is listed. Then make a list of questions such as is they licensed, how long have they been doing this and do they have letters of recommendations of testimonials that they can show you. If you go for a consultation and you don't see a license then don't stay. When it comes to mind altering in anyway, if there is no license then there is no hypnosis.
When you go for a consultation ask hypnotists what they can do for you and see what each session entails. Price is also an issue; shop around for the best price. Once you have gathered up all of your information, you can choose. Don't expect to just walk in and have a seat and then they will wave a pendant in front of you and viola you will be hypnotized. The trick to determine why it is that you smoke and then through questions and by your own answers, the hypnotist can set a treatment that will work.

For example, by answering their questions it is determined that you smoke because you are stressed out. The hypnotist can target that area of the brain, so when you become stressed they can place a suggestion to lessen the effects of stress, causing you to not to smoke. If you smoke because you don't want to gain weight then there is post hypnotic suggestion that will work for you as well.

Do your own research when it comes to any treatment that you are considering. If you don't want to go to a therapist then try the self-hypnotizing CD's and Videos that are available. There are plenty of self-help and self-hypnosis that you can try before going to a professional. Look online, you can find some great items on the web when it comes to stop smoking.

The truth is that hypnosis does not work on everyone. It is true that you have to have an open mind or it won't work. The mind is a powerful tool and even the slightest negativity will not work. Keep your mind open, especially if you are serious about quitting. If you bring a good attitude and a strong will to stop smoking then you can do it. The old saying goes, you can do anything you want as long as you set your mind to it. That works even for hypnosis and quitting smoking.

If you are not really sure that this is the way to want to go, then at least give it a try. Talk to some hypnotists and see what they can offer. If the price is right and you like what they have to say then you have nothing to lose.


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