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Thursday, August 28, 2008

When is it a Good Time to Quit a Job?

There are good times and bad times for everything and that includes quitting a job. There have been studies that have shown that certain times of the year are actually very bad for quitting a job. You may not have realized that so much thought goes into quitting a job. Not only does the time of the year play a role in whether or not it is a good time to quit your job but also personal situations will affect your life as well.

It is hopefully obvious to everyone that quitting your job around the holidays is a bad idea. It is bad for the company you work for and bad for you because even though there are stores that are hiring, mostly are hiring for the holidays. No big companies or even office jobs are hiring during the holiday season. The winter is just not a great time to find work. Of course there are companies that are hiring but you may get some stiff competition from college graduates or kids home from college looking to make some money.

Summer time is better because, a lot of people quit their jobs in the warmer weather. Sure, the threat of college students is still there but there are more jobs around to choose from. Also, a good time to quit your job will also depend on what your financial situation is like. For example, if you cannot afford to pay the rent then a job change is not in the cards at that point in time. But if you have the means to stay afloat and pay your bills and you can afford to be out of work for a while then, it is ok to quit.

If you already have another job lined up like most people do before they quit then taking off two weeks before starting a job is acceptable. There are so many variables when it comes to quitting a job that you probably have never heard of before. You want to quit a job when the time is right. Don't just quit because the job is stressful, if you have been someplace a long period of time then seek some stress reliever techniques. If you are having some health issues contact your doctor and ask him to write a note so you can present it to your boss, they may be able to make some changes so that you don't have to quit.

The same goes for any problems you may be having such as problems with another employee or if you would like a raise, don't assume that these problems cannot be worked out. At least take a meeting with you boss or supervisor and see what can be worked out. If they cannot, they you can still walk out of that job with a recommendation and you can leave on good terms, which is always important down the road. You never know where the road can take you.


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