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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tips to Quit Smoking

Not everyone can choose to quit smoking all on their own. There are many people who need help in quitting. Others just don't know where to start. Here are some tips to help you quit.

Tip # 1: Don't quit cold turkey. While there are many people who can do this, there are also many that cannot. Try tapering off slowly. Pretty soon, you will down to maybe a quarter of a pack a day and then you will down to nothing.

Tip # 2: Try using aides to help you quit. Try Nicorette Gum or the Patch. There is nothing wrong in getting a little extra help while trying to quit. It should not matter if you needed help or quit on your own. As long as you quit.

Tip # 3: Find some support: Support can come in many different ways. You can ask a group of friends to help you. If you have friends that smoke, tell them you are quitting and then ask them not to smoke around you. There are also professional groups that you can join to help you stop smoking and talk to others who are going through the same thing.

Tip # 4: Change your habits. For example, if you usually smoke at breakfast while drinking coffee. Cut out coffee, if you normally eat in the kitchen, try eating in the living room watching TV. The TV will act as a distraction from the need to smoke. A lot of people out there smoke because they are bored.

Tip # 5: Try to get more sleep. Quitting smoking usually takes a toll on your body because the body is lacking something it is used to getting on a daily basis. By getting a lot of rest will reenergize you. Every day you will get stronger and stronger. Get the rest while you can

Tip # 6: Drink Plenty of Water. Sounds strange for quitting smoking, it sounds more like a weight loss tool. But water actually washes away the nicotine toxins in your body and it will curtail the need to smoke. Water can help with the withdrawal symptoms that you may be experiencing.

Tip # 7: If you tend to smoke more when you are stressed out, instead of reaching for a cigarette, you can reach for a cup of hot tea and lemon. Tea is very soothing and it is a great stress reliever. Stay away from coffee when it comes to stress because most people will admit that with them, smoking and drinking go hand in hand.

Tip # 8: Take it one day at a time. Don't ever make an exact date to quit. By saying that I will have stopped smoking in three weeks, it will make you smoke more when you have not realized your goal. Just take it day by day. You will reach your goal. By putting more pressure on yourself, you will not do as well.


  • Great post. Those are definitely some very useful tips on how to quit smoking. I think if a person can determine what their smoking triggers, (the things that make you want to smoke) then they can definitely start the process of quitting smoking. This piggybacks off of your Tip #4. Thanks for all your advice.

    By Blogger Melvin, at 1:02 PM  

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