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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How to Properly Quit a Job

Believe it or not there is actually a right way and a wrong way to quit a job. By the way you leave a jib could make a difference in how long it may take you to find another job, it you haven't already. The wrong way to quit a job is just to leave one day and never come back. What happens when you do this it can lose you any sick and vacation time that may be due to you. If you are involved in any profit-sharing program with the company you may have complications with that as well.

Another effect that can be caused by just getting up or leaving for the day is when you apply for another job, you will want to use that job as a reference. So by quitting the wrong way it may cost you a great recommendation. There are many situations where a jib becomes so unbearable that you cannot take it and your first instinct is to quit. But you want to make sure that you quit properly if only for your own benefit.

There are many different ways to quit a job. One of these ways would be to, put in two-week notice. The best way to do that would be to put t in writing. A two-week notice does not have to be a formal letter but it should include the reason why you are leaving and the date the two-week notice become effective. This way there is no confusion as to when you are leaving. A two-week notice is designed to help your employer more than it is to help you. It gives your boss two weeks to find someone else.

Sometimes, depending on what job you have, your boss may ask you to stay longer than originally agreed up on. It takes some time to hire someone else ad then to get them properly trained. The goal of quitting a job is to get another job because for some reason you don' like the one you have and the second is to get a recommendation from your boss or supervisor so you can get a better job.

You also want to get any sick or vacation time that is coming to you, so read the employee handbook or a rules sheet that you received when you started because it may say something about vacation and sick time. There may be a chance that you cannot receive the vacation days and sick time because you quit. Take a vacation before you actually quit a job. This way, you can use these days to help find a job and you still get paid for the time you are using.

Some things to remember when quitting a job, first, give a two-week notice, put it in writing if possible. Second, read the employee handbook and see what you are entitled to. Third, try to leave with a recommendation from your boss or supervisor. It could make all the difference.


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