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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What to say when you submit a resignation letter?

There really are right words to say to your boss when you decide to quit your job. The first thing you need to do is write the appropriate resignation letter. When you leave a job the ultimate goal is to leave on good terms and nit just up and quit. So the first step is to write a short and to the point resignation letter. Make sure you let them know in your letter that you will be giving a 2 week notice. Thank them for the opportunity for having worked there, put this in whether or not you hated every minute of it.

Next thing to do is date the letter the exact date two weeks before your last day. You can still give the letter to your boss before the date it comes effective. You may be hesitant to talk to your boss and you may be tempted to slide the letter under their door and run but that would not be professional. If your boss has a secretary ask her when would be a good time to see him and if they have a busy schedule make an appointment.

When you get into the office, simple hand the letter and say I am giving you my resignation. For some employers it may come as a surprise and unfortunately for others it may not. Then hand them the letter. The boss may not read it while you are there, but then explain you are giving your two week notice from whatever date you decided on. If you are feeling generous you can offer your services in training the replacement.

Most bosses if they are good bosses will ask you why you are leaving and at this point be honest but be professional. If you did not get along with someone say so but say just that, do not give details. If yo9ur boss is inclined to he or she may try to convince you to stay. That would be up to you, just because you wrote the letter doesn't mean you have to stick to it if your boss gives you an incentive to stay.

If nothing more can be done or said then simply stand up and say I really am Thankful for the opportunity you gave me and shake your boss's hand and walk out.