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Monday, June 11, 2007

Resignation Letters

When you decide you want to leave your current job, one of the best things you can do for yourself and for your employer is to write them a resignation letter. There are many different types of letters you can write. One letter is the simple and to the point letter. When writing your letter you should include

- Your name
- The Date of the Letter
- The Person to whom you are writing to
- Company name and address

Then a letter that reads something like this. Please accept this letter as my formal notice of resignation from and then type in the company name and the date that you are leaving. Thank them for the years or months of employment and then let them know that you are giving a two week notice and then add if you could be any help in training your replacement you will be more than happy to do so. Then thank them again for the opportunity to work for them and then sign your name.

Or if you are not quite feeling so generous and friendly, you could write a letter that is simple and to the point. Use the header information as well as the company name and address but the body can be something simpler such as I hereby tender my resignation effective and then give the date and then sign the letter. This letter is short and sweet and to the point. This letter can be used if you haven't worked somewhere a long time or you are leaving because you did not get along with someone and there is friction then you still did the right thing and it wasn't too much.

Or you could use the same premise as far as the company information like address, address and whom you are giving it to and then write something like, Effective two weeks from this date I and resigning my position as and type in whatever that may be and then Thank them for the opportunity and sign the letter, but make sure you date it for it to become effective.

These resignation letters do not have to be a lengthy explanation to why you are leaving, the basics are that you are giving your resignation, the date it will be in effect and that you are giving a two week notice, you can put a Thank you for the opportunity if you wish. Then sign it and make sure you hand to the person who is supposed to get it.