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Friday, September 28, 2007

How to Quit your Job

There are two ways to quit your job, the right way and the wrong way. The right way would be to write a resignation letter or give an appropriate 2 week notice giving your employer two weeks to find a replacement. The wrong way would be to just quit and not come back. We will explain why these reasons are right and wrong.

The right way to quit all depending on your jib type is to send a resignation letter but if you work retail as a cashier or stock clerk then a letter really isn't necessary. Letters of resignation are for office jobs mostly. But the two week rule applies no matter what kind of jib you have because it is a matter of etiquette to give a two week notice. The most important thing when quitting your job is that you remain in good terms because if you don't have a job lined up you may need your boss or supervisor to give you a good recommendation.

By not giving that notice you could be jeopardizing future jobs because if you don't have a job lined up not only will you not get a reference but when a potential employer asks what you have been doing since your last job you have to mention that job and on applications they always ask if they can contact your last employer and if you say no they will want to know. It really isn't a good situation to in. It is ok if you want to look for something better for yourself but at least give them the courtesy of a two week notice.

The wrong way of quitting your job is just to go home at the end of the day and not come back or leave for lunch as some of us have done. This has the same repercussions of not giving a notice. You leave on bad terms and if you are owed a paycheck or sick days there may be something in your employee handbook forfeiting these benefits if you just walk off the job.

Unfortunately, we are in the age of people who sometimes have no regard for others. The employer and employee relationship has demonstrated that. But if you want that recommendation or any days that are owned to you do the right thing and write a letter or resignation or give a two week notice.


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