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Friday, May 18, 2007

How to deal with an angry Boss

If you have an angry boss then this may be one of the reasons why you are quitting. Dealing with a boss or manager that is hard to get along with can be a volatile situation. While you may like your job, is it worth coming in to work everyday and deal with someone who constantly makes your 8 hours of work unbearable.

For most people it can be, believe it or not if the person at work giving you a hard time is your boss or manager some people tend to stay because they have a good deal and the money is good. While it can be tempting to stay, it really is in your best interest to leave that job.

If you work for a big company ask for a transfer but chances are you won't get one unless the boss doesn't like you either. Then it is a win win situation. But if a transfer is not possible then the best thing to do is quit. We will explain why.

While it is never in the best interest to quit your job. We want to make it clear that before you quit you find a new job first. But by coming into a hostile work environment everyday should motivate you faster. Any way, what happens over time is that you spend 8 hours a day at this job and you are working for the one person who makes life hard there after some time it will weigh on you and you will begin to be hostile back to the boss and other co-workers who may not deserve it. What is worse is by working in that kind of situation all day you are guaranteed to bring that attitude home with you and you will take it out on your family which is never a good thing.

So before you have a hostile work and home situation, look for a new job. Write your letter or resignation and then give it to your boss.

If they ask why you are leaving explain you are not happy anymore and it is time for you to move on. If the boss doesn't like you, then handing in that letter won't be a problem and he or she will let you know they appreciate your work and they will wish you luck and you politely replay Thank You, you too.


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