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Saturday, March 31, 2007

How to Write Your Resignation Letter

You have heard the old adage, "Don'tt burn any bridges." This is the most important idea to keep in mind when resigning from a job. Whether you love your current job and are leaving for a better opportunity, or you hate your present position and are fleeing to save you sanity, be sure to be polite, discreet, and mature when tendering your resignation. Your current employer will appear on your resume for years to come, and you never know when you may need a recommendation or a favor from a former boss. Remember, you build a professional reputation through your actions and behavior.

There is no need to write a dissertation. Simply construct a brief, concise note that covers all the bases. Here are a few suggestions:

Get right to the point. Start off the letter by stating your intention to resign and by mentioning your acceptance of another offer or other reason for leaving, such as moving cities.
Be sure to say when your last day of employment will be. It is common courtesy to give two weeks notice before ceasing employment.

You may wish to mention that the offer you have accepted is for a position that fits better with your personal preferences or career goals.

You should also thank your employer for the opportunity to work for his/her organization. After you start your new job, you may wish to send a letter to your former boss and coworkers with your new contact information, so that they can keep in touch and remain a part of your network.


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