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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tips on how to write a resignation letter gracefully

Here are some quick tips to help you write a resignation letter and resign gracefully.

Here's How:
1. Date your resignation letter to officiate your day of notice.
2. Address your resignation letter directly to your immediate manager or supervisor.
3. State what your are resigning, such as the title of your position.
4. State when your last day of work will be (typically a Friday), providing sufficient notice per company policy. Two full weeks are standard, but your company may require more.
5. Proofread it and make corrections.
6. Sign it.
7. Submit your resignation letter to your immediate manager or supervisor.8. Keep a copy for your records.

1. Type your resignation letter in a standard business letter format.
2. Its sole purpose is to officially document your dates of resignation and notice. Keep it simple and positive. Avoid unnecessary statements and defending yourself, voicing opinions or settling scores.
3. Before you submit it, make sure you've discreetly prepared to leave. You may be escorted off the premises shortly after you give notice.


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