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Monday, January 23, 2006

How to Get Started Taking Classes Now

So you've decided to go back to school and earn an advanced degree. You've thought about the online environment, but are not sure how to get yourself started. Here's how you can be a part of it.

The Preliminaries
The first thing you need to do is to find out which online degree programs are available for you in your desired discipline. A simple keyword search will give you a comprehensive list of all of the online degree programs that you can choose from. The great thing about the online environment is that you can apply for your program and get your acceptance from the comfort of your computer. Send in your application and get approval much faster than through the traditional campus route. Once you have been accepted to your program, you will be given all of the information that you need to begin your program.

The Nuts and Bolts
Taking classes through the online environment holds a variety of special benefits that go above and beyond the traditional campus route. You will be able to complete your academic requirements at your own pace without sacrificing your personal and professional obligations. You will simply log onto your class from the comfort of your own home and follow the activities and instruction step by step. You will also have access to a virtual environment of supportive professors, counselors, and cohorts that will give you the help you need to be successful. Once you get used to the way the online environment works, you will gain confidence and momentum by the day.

Working and Going to School: Making Them Both Work

You want to go back to school to get an advanced degree but you're not sure how you can do it and continue to satisfy the responsibilities of a full-time job. You can do and here's how.

The Online Answer
The arrival of online education has been the answer to the prayers of millions of full-time working professionals. The online degree environment holds a variety of excellent benefits over the traditional campus route. Not only can you take the courses that will help you in your present career, but you can do so without sacrificing your professional responsibilities. The online degree program allows you to complete your academic requirements at your own pace and in the comfort of your own living room. You also have the benefit of a virtual support system of professors, counselors, and fellow classmates to keep you going when the going gets tough.

Get Started Today
A quick keyword search on the Internet will give you a variety of programs that will allow you to work and go to school at the same time. Once you've found the degree program that interests you, you can apply online and be accepted much faster than you would through the traditional campus route. Once you've been accepted, you will receive correspondence form your school telling you exactly what you need to do to begin your classes. From that point, you will be a part of the online education community and well on your way to earning that advanced degree that will give you the edge in your profession.

Will Your Job Pay for Your Degree?

One of the chief concerns of professionals who consider earning an advanced degree is how to fund the venture. Believe it or not, there are ways that you can get your employer to foot the bill for you.

The world of advanced education has gone through several changes in the last ten years. Financial aid options have improved a great deal allowing students to earn a degree that might not have been able to afford it. Another big change is the introduction of employee funded education. Many employers will now assist their employees in getting an advanced degree.

Your organization stands a lot to gain by offering you financial help in earning your degree. When you reach that next academic plateau, you will be a much more valuable commodity for your boss. You will have the experience and credentials to take on more responsibility around the office.

In order to find out if your employer will foot the bill for your education, the first step is to simply ask. Approach your boss and explain your intentions as well as what the company stands to gain through such a financial arrangement. Or you can check with your human resources department for any financial aid programs that might already be in place. Also check with other employees to see if they have received support for their educational aspirations. With a little detective work, you will be able to determine if you can expect some financial support to help you increase your academic standing.