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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Quit Smoking Blog: I've Got A Headache

I recently spent a weekend in Vegas having fun with my college buddies. The problem with that was that I was around smokers constantly, so guess what? I smoked... a lot over a 2 day period.

Today I feel horrible. My lungs hurt and my throat hurts. My head hurts and I just feel bad. I don't want to smoke anymore, and I didn't want to smoke then, but the allure of "fun" and alcohol just brought it all back for a brief time period. This quitting smoking thing is very hard.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Today I Cheated, I Smoked

I had an unusually bad day today, and when I walked out for lunch I caught a guy in the building who smokes and I couldn't help myself. It was great, until I lit it up. It was then that I really realized that what I miss is the break. I miss the anticipation of the break, not the smoke, not the taste.

What are things I can do to compensate for this? Quitting smoking is tough, but it does get easier every day. Allow yourself to remind yourself why you quit.