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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

What If the Boss Catches You Going to School?

You've started a great new program that will result in an advanced degree in your field. But you're concerned about your boss and what he will say when he discovers that you're in school. Don't worry!

One of the biggest concerns of professionals who are trying to earn their degree while working a full-time job is that the boss will eventually find out. Many worry that the boss won't be so understanding. This is a legitimate concern for many student professionals. But the truth of the matter is that the boss could be, and should be, impressed by this level of commitment of his employee.

If the boss catches you with a nose in the books, make sure that it's not on the company time. This will give any boss a bad impression of your efforts and might get you a pink slip to boot. Study and complete your academic obligations on your own time.

But if your boss catches wind of your intentions through the grapevine, explain to him that you are going back to school in order to earn an advanced degree and increase your value to the company. Your boss will respect this decision and keep an eye on your for bigger and better things. He might even give you increased responsibilities within the organization if he perceives your efforts will benefit him in the future. Doing the double duty of earning your degree while satisfying your professional responsibilities will speak volumes for you as a person.


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