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Friday, December 02, 2005

New Job after Resigning Job

Once you've quit your job, your professional life is an empty canvas once again. If you haven't already found a new job, this is the time to search for the ideal job or go back to school to get that degree you've always wanted.

Knowing you wrote professional resignation letters can ease any guilt you might feel about leaving your boss or company in the lurch. Don’t worry about that - even the President of the United States can only stay in office for eight years. No one is indispensible.

Online Education
If you've decided to return to school, it's not necessary to attend campus if it doesn't fit in with your schedule. If you've taken a "maintenance job" just to make ends meet, an online education may fit in perfectly with your needs. You can study and do coursework during the hours that best suit you, not the school, and you'll end up with a new degree.

This time off from a career-track job should also offer you time to think about your next job and what you really want. Talk to friends, former colleagues, and anyone else you can about what they like and don't like about their jobs. Their advice can help you decide what you want in your next job. With your improved education, good advice, and a clear vision of what you want in terms of a better career, chances are, you'll find it.


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