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Monday, December 19, 2005

I Lost My Job Because I Didn't Have a College Degree

Maybe you got hired right out of high school by a big company, and kept getting promoted. You thought about going back to school, but demands of the job and family made it easy to put off getting that degree. However, now you’ve been forced to deal with a new situation. Perhaps your company was acquired by another company. Perhaps all the employees were reevaluated, and those in managerial positions without a college degree were let go.

Earning an Online Degree
As depressing as it might seem at first, this is finally the right time to get that degree you always thought about. If you have to take a "maintenance" job just to make ends meet, consider getting a degree from an accredited online institution at the same time. You can study when it's convenient for you. Accredited online institutions across the country offer Associate, Bachelor and Master degrees in many subjects that suit your interests and abilities..

It might take a bit longer to earn that degree, with your busy schedule, plus job and family demands. Don't worry about the time it takes; just enjoy the opportunity to study subjects you've always wanted to know more about. And think about the end result. When you finally start interviewing for a new, career-track job, you’ll have something you didn't have in your old job - a new degree and more respect for yourself and your ability to get ahead.


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