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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Quitting Your Job? What's Next For Your Career?

For whatever reasons, you’ve decided to quit your job. Perhaps you’ve already found a better job. Perhaps you just can’t tolerate your boss anymore. Perhaps you’re bored silly by the end of the day.

Heed these reminders before you quit:

Be prepared. Think ahead about how you’re going to address this subject with your boss, so you don’t come across as overemotional.

Make sure it’s legal. If you signed documents at the beginning of your employment to give two weeks’ notice, be sure you do. Don’t quit one day and not show up the next.

Keep a cool head, Give your boss legitimate reasons, and write a professional resignation letter.

Reveal your reasons only if it benefits you. For example, say you got a better offer with more responsibilities. That sounds more positive than putting down your current situation in any way.

Try to get a good reference. If you address the situation professionally, chances are, your boss will be happy to provide you with a good reference and there will be no bad feelings afterwards.

What’s Next?
If your job was stressful, take a break. Take that vacation you were always too busy for, or visit a friend or relative. This may also be the time to go back to school and pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree in a related field or one that interests you. You’ll be much better prepared for that next job, with a better education to back you up.

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