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Sunday, October 16, 2005

More on Automotive Technician Degrees

This is the second part in getting a new job through a new career: Automotive Technicians

The Road to Complex Systems
The first cars were fairly basic structures. Auto technology was in its infancy, and automotive enthusiasts had a long way to go before reaching the sleek aerodynamic lines and computer-controlled systems we now have. Today there are myriad systems on motorcars. Many have diagnostic functions, and others are designed to make the car run at peak performance according to variable conditions inside and outside the vehicle.

These systems are generally computer-based and need specialist attention to calibrate, fine tune, install, and repair them. The lowering cost of computer technology means that even the most basic vehicle model now has several of these computerized systems on board. This, combined with a trend to travel farther and more frequently means that the demand for auto technicians should be increasing, especially for those with an auto tech degree in a specific growth area.

Why an Auto Tech Degree?
The Bureau of Labor expects the increase in the population through the next decade to fuel demand for qualified automotive technicians. Your prospects of employment and pay are expected to be much better if you do hold a recognized qualification such as an auto tech degree. Another factor which could spur demand is the increase in popularity of motor racing. The falling cost of technology-based components has allowed this sport to become more affordable.

You will probably find that to keep up with the most current technology, you will need to undergo periodic retraining after your initial auto tech degree. But as long as you stay up-to-date on your training, your skills as an automotive technician could be in high demand.


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